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Award winning modular garden rooms custom made for home or office use

Contact us today for a quick quote

    Contact us today for a quick quote

      Custom Garden Rooms Designed & Built by Bay Tree Homes

      Have you ever wanted your own personalised living or office space located in your garden? Bay Tree Homes specialise in building stand-alone structures based on your requirements.

      Garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular as it gives you more space to spend dedicated to your needs. Whether you want to get fit with a home gym, have an additional area for entertaining friends and family or separate your working from home job from your living space with a home office.

      With many different sizes available, our team can design, requisition and build the perfect space for you. Speak with us today and we’ll help guide you through the process.

      Garden Room

      What to expect from your new Garden Room

      While every garden room is unique to you, there are certain things which we’re proud to offer by default. The highest quality features installed will serve as a base point for further functionality and individuality.

      LED Lighting

      Wall Lighting

      PIR 100mm insulation

      Floor socket with cat 6

      Flush fitted sockets

      Porcelain tiled floor

      Sound check plaster board

      Cedar Cladding

      Additional Extras

      Your custom garden room doesn’t just end there, we’ve got a number of extras to add to really bring the comfort into your life.

      Whether you’re looking for sound insulating acoustic panelling or a custom vertical shaped panels for a roof, speak with our team and we can design something perfect for you. No garden room is ever the same as someone else, so we look to get you the perfect space just for you.

      Below are some of the extras we can add on to your custom garden room.

      Acoustic feature panelling

      Timber panelling has been used in acoustic environments for centuries, and by bringing it into your garden room you open up the space for better sound reflection.

      Lindab Guttering

      Lindab guttering is made with galvanised steel and features a rust proof zinc coating. It never fades and is a sustainable steel rainwater system which will last decades to come.

      Aluminium windows and doors

      Beautiful and stylish, aluminium folding doors bring light and space into a garden room. Rust free and a metallic finish give a great feeling to any property or garden room.

      Mitsubishi heating and cooling

      Mitsubishi offer a range of residential heating options from heat pumps and air conditioners, with an efficiency rating double that of products 10 years ago.

      Bay Tree Homes custom garden room build

      Discuss your project

      Get in touch today to arrange a consultation and discuss your garden room requirements.

      “I cannot express enough how much Bay Tree helped me”

      “Bay tree Homes delivered what I was beginning to think was impossible, their team showed me just how flexible the construction of a custom garden room can be with their expertise. The final product I received not only fits my awkward garden shape perfectly, but also feels so much more than I could have thought of myself. Amazing level of work.”

      Designed with your luxury in mind

      Award winning modular garden rooms custom made for home or office use